WIL Staff Roster

Wyoming Independent Living Staff Roster as of December 2016


Administration - Staff

Amy Burns, Executive Director 
aburns@wilr.org 307-721-4071
Dermot Thiel, Program Director
dthiel@wilr.org 307-721-4071
Brenda Lee Thomson, Business Director
bthomson@wilr.org 307-266-6956
Laurel Brown, Training Coordinator, Lead VIP Specialist
laurelbrown@wilr.org 307-266-6956
Celine Fowler, Office Assistant
cfowler@wilr.org 307-266-6956
Elizabeth Stultz, Receptionist
receptionist@wilr.org 307-266-6956
Main Office
305 W. 1st Street
Casper, WY 82601
307-266-6956 voice
307-266-6957 FAX
Client Only 1-800-735-8322
Cheyenne Office
1609 E. 19th St.
Cheyenne, WY 82001
307-637-5127 voice
307-634-9004 FAX
Client Only 1-800-937-4718
Laramie Office 
1050 N. 3rd St., Suite B1
Laramie, WY 82072
307-721-4071 voice
307-745-8661 FAX
Client Only 1-877-721-4071

Visually Impaired Program - Staff

Laurel Henry& Heather Meier, 307-266-6956
(Natrona, Converse, Niobrara, Fremont, Teton, Northern Sublette, and Northern Lincoln Counties and the Wind River Reservation)
Kelly Thornbury, 307-637-5127 
(Laramie, Platte and Goshen Counties)
Nicholas Wiseman, 307-721-4071
(Albany, Carbon, Sweetwater, Lincoln and Uinta Counties)
Robin Miller, 307-655-3344
(Sheridan and Johnson Counties)
Tina Bennett, (307) 686-8251
(Crook, Campbell & Weston Counties)

Project Out - Nursing Home Transition - Staff

Amber Alexander, 307-266-6956
(Natrona, Converse & Niobrara Counties)
Dottie Rankin, 307-682-0720
(Sheridan, Johnson, Campbell, Crook and Weston Counties)
Brienna Bruce, 307-637-5127
(Carbon, Albany, Platte, Goshen & Laramie Counties)

UTSE (Unable To Self Evacuate) Program

UTSE Program Manager, 307-266-6956
(all of Wyoming)

WyTAP Loan Program

Celine Fowler, 307-266-6956
(all of Wyoming)

Independent Living Program - Staff

Brenda Thomas, 307-266-6956
(Natrona County)
Doug Daniels, 307-637-5127
(Laramie County)
Nicholas Wiseman, 307-721-4071
(Albany, Carbon, Sweetwater, Lincoln and Uinta Counties)
Rick Geringer, 307-322-9210
(Converse, Platte, Goshen and Niobrara Counties)

Robin Miller, 307-655-3344



(Sheridan and Johnson Counties)
Tina Bennett, 307-686-8251
(Crook, Campbell & Weston Counties)

Peer Volunteer/Living Well with a Disability Classes

Amy Burns, 307-721-4071
(Eastern Wyoming)

Self Directed Care - Staff

Sheri Russell, 307-266-6956
(Natrona, Converse, Niobrara and Carbon Counties)
Austin Berlin, 307-266-6956
(Natrona County)
Tauna Eberhard, 307-686-4928
(Johnson, Sheridan, Campbell, Crook, and Weston Counties)
Rebecca Roberts, 307-721-4071
(Carbon & Albany Counties) 
Ashley Royce, 307-637-5127
(Platte, Goshen, Laramie Counties)

Youth Transitions - Staff

Dermot Thiel, 307-721-4071
(Eastern Wyoming)

Transportation Check Program - Staff (2)

Erwin Reitsma, 307-721-4071
(Laramie, Platte, Goshen, Albany and Carbon Counties)
Damion Burback, 307-266-6956
(Natrona, Converse and Niobrara Counties)
Cindy Livingston, 307-673-0078
(Sheridan, Johnson, Campbell, Crook and Weston Counties)
Jude Davidson, 307-266-6956
(Driver reimbursements, punch cards, and public transportation assistance for Eastern Wyoming)

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WIL News

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  • Monday, May 29, Memorial Day