Self-Directed Care

"To provide the option of obtaining personal attendant care services provided by an individual of the consumer's choice."

Under the traditional system of home health care, individuals with significant disabilities are dependent upon the services provided by the medical model of personal care assistance, which is generally provided by home health care personnel. While home health care agencies provide a very important service, they often cannot assist people with disabilities attain the independence they aspire to achieve. sdc1

The purpose of the Self Directed Care service is to provide the option of personal care assistant services by an individual of the consumer's choice, who is not necessarily medically trained to provide such services. This could be a family member, neighbor, etc. Consumers are able to set the schedule of service provision based on their lifestyle. This philosophy developed from the fact that individuals with disabilities are not ill. They simply cannot do for themselves what non-disabled individuals can.


1. Consumers must be eligible through the Wyoming Long Term Care Home & Community Based Waiver Program.

2. Consumers must be capable of assuming the responsibilities of an employer under Consumer Directed Care.

Services Provided

Activities are based on consumer need.

Bathing and Dressing

Meal Preparation and Feeding


Bowel and Bladder routines

Medication Administration

Transportation to medical appointments

Grocery Shopping

Other routine tasks as allowed under Medicaid

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